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I've been in the neighborhood since 1904. I'm invisible, but I see you all the time. I inspired Charlie Chaplin when he used to street-mime on the Boardwalk before he got famous. I inspired Eddie Cantor to be a world-class entertainer. I inspired Isadora Duncan to revolutionize the entire world of dance. I inspired Tony Robbins to help millions achieve their dreams. I inspired Jim Morrison, Stewart Perkoff, The Shoe-skate craze, Arnold Scharzenegger, Peter Damien...you name it. I'm the reason there is no other community on the face of the planet like Venice Beach. 
- Now, let me ask you something. Do you REALLY think I am going to sit back and let a bunch of get-rich-quick one-percenter-wannabees stomp me out and turn Venice into Marina Del Rey North? -  Not any time in THIS millennia. The artists aren't going anywhere. The counter-culturists aren't going anywhere. The low-incomers aren't going anywhere. The cultural diversity that makes this community a beacon to the entire world...ain't going anywhere. - Welcome to Venice Beach.
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