What’s Your Family’s Unique Holiday Tradition?[SPONSORED]

Whether it’s gag gifts or quirky family photos, there are some traditions that make the holidays truly special.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

Written by Maridel Reyes

Sure, the holidays can be a stress fest. But in the middle of all that shopping, cooking, and prepping, it’s also the most family-focused time of the year. No wonder kids and adults eagerly await the holiday season year-round.

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To get you excited for the holidays, we asked people to share their treasured family traditions. The tales below will make you laugh, lift your spirits—and maybe spark a new ritual:  

Haha Holiday Cards: “We started our tradition by finding the ugliest Christmas sweaters at a thrift store and [then] taking the family portrait in front of the tree,” said Portland, Ore. resident Catherine Ryan Gregory. “We change it up every year. We've done ugly Christmas pajamas and 1980s track suits. We're told that everyone looks forward to our Christmas cards every year.”

DIY Gag Gifts: “We do gag gifts,” said Amy Pengra, who lives in Houston. “And they can't be store bought. Think old roofing tiles, two left slippers, or remote controls that don't match any appliance in this decade. Our joke is we shop in our own homes and cars for gags!”

Kitchen Clutch: “Me, my mom and sister make popovers on Christmas morning to eat while opening gifts,” said Florida resident Megan Kat Williams. “After that, we put on silly aprons, make mimosas and get to work in the kitchen making dinner while listening to Christmas music and singing and dancing around the kitchen. The boys are usually deep frying something or watching football.”

Holiday B-I-N-G-O! “I do Christmas bingo!” said New Yorker Katharine Ricci. “I gather up all the free stuff from my work and my family competes to win it. There’s makeup, books, electronics, clothes, purses, food.” 

Veg Out: “Our family has certainly changed since my daughter and boyfriend went vegan,” said Montreal resident Sue Campbell. “Learning how to cook again is becoming one of our family traditions.”

TELL US: What’s your unique family tradition? Post yours in the comment section below.


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