Mayor: 'A Vital Core of our City is our Incredible Seniors' [Video]

Calabasas Mayor Mary Sue Maurer lists the top 10 reasons Calabasas is a great city during her state of the city address.

Calabasas Mayor Mary Sue Maurer gave a top 10 list of what makes the city a great place to live Thursday during her state of the city address, naming the city's seniors as the core of Calabasas.

"Calabasas recognizes a vital core of our city is our incredible seniors. This city would not have been founded a short 22 years ago if it wasn't for the original spirited home buyers, many of who still live here," Maurer said. "We are so proud that we are a multi-generational community. And one of our most important statistic is that our seniors make up more than 40 percent of our residents."

Maurer hailed the city's ongoing Savvy Seniors program, which has hosted more than 70 classes for men and women over the age of 50. The city is currently in the process of planning a senior center.

"This important addition to our civic center will increase the well being of our baby boomers by providing a sense of purpose and belonging along with improved nutrition, education and activities. This is certainly one of the most exciting endeavours in our city's history," she said.

The rest of the list included:

  • A spirit of volunteerism
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Public safety and emergency preparedness
  • The city's cultural and educational opportunities
  • The city as a model of municipal leadership
  • Policies that promote a beneficial coexistence between residents and wildlife
  • Vigorous protection of the environment and open space
  • Outstanding schools and teachers
  • Youth and family programs

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Catherine Allen January 26, 2013 at 09:54 PM
The senior center will be another feather in the city's cap. I am sure it will be an outstanding building that will live up to the program's reputation for excellence and innovation. Catherine Allen


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