Super Bowl Sunday Pet Tips

Super Bowl Sunday is here! And there will be countless snacks to munch on and decorations to enjoy. But how safe are these for your pets?

Watch where you put your food. Coffee table snacks put things at pet-level. As convenient as it is to have snacks on the coffee table, it gives your pet easy access to food. Make sure your guests watch where they put their plates.

Keep things tidy. Don't leave cups around. Dogs often love beer.

Put your friends' shoes away. People who aren't pet owners tend to forget all the little things pets may do. You don’t want your friends to be leaving and their shoes have been destroyed. Put the shoes in a closet or a place where your pets can't get at them to be on the safe side.

Create a quiet space. All that yelling and cheering can spook some pets. Create a space for your pet to escape to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Super Bowl Foods to Avoid and Foods that are Safe J for your pet:

Wings - AVOID.
We know - pizza, beer and wings are the staples of all Super Bowl feasts. But, wings are bad for pets.  

Chips and Dip - NO.
Chips tend to be salty, and salt isn't great for pets. That veggie platter that tends to go untouched is okay. No dip

If you really want your four-legged pal to enjoy some treats during the game get some pet snacks such as baked sweet potatoes treats or special dog biscuits just for them.

Enjoy the GAME!

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