BAILOUT: Ladies & Gentlemen wake up! It's not "patient care"!

Another Industry Bail Out
Another Industry Bail Out

1.       A recession occurred

2.       The government began bailing out industries – corporate entities (See how this is allowed in the US Constitution:       - note the empty reference?)

3.       Those industries, corporations continued to pay out contracted bonus’   - HOW CAN AN EXECUTIVE QUALIFY FOR A BONUS IF THE COMPANY IS BROKE ENOUGH TO ASK THE GOVERNMENT FOR HELP.   The qualifiers for a bonus’ must have been the problem – no incentive to make the company profitable.

4.       And the fiasco with Wall Street  - Enron -  Mortgage Crisis – Goldman Sachs etc etc continued

5.       Companies and individuals and families had to cut back on health insurance options…or entirely to stay afloat

6.       The Insurance Industry, which also lost heavily in the Mortgage Crisis, Wall Street, etc (since this is also what they do with premiums: invest) began to GASP!

7.       70 years ago the suggestions for National Health Care began to be formulated, percolating.  The largest NO came from (drum roll) American Medical Association.  They called it SOCIALISM.

8.       Medicare,  Social Security, or  Medical   offered assistance at a great cost to the budget, economy, and taxpayers. But they were touted as wonderful.  No one cares to point out the benefits of Medicare were a moving target – every year the benefits were changed, revised, and reduced.

9.       Jump forward to the Clinton Era – Mrs. Clinton took on the role of pushing for health care reform – as a non-elected official she was lobbying…can someone check if this is legal or ethical?

10.   Jump forward to Christmas Eve 2009.  A mysterious package lay before the legislators.  Open it! Open it!   No don’t open it – just presume it’s a good gift for the US Citizens.

11.   And now we see the cost – LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – it’s right here in a Reuter’s article:

“ Americans will pay an average premium of $328 monthly for a mid-tier health insurance plan when the Obamacare health exchanges open for enrollment next week, and most will qualify for government subsidies to lower that price, the federal government said on Wednesday.”

Congratulations – the mega-Corporate Insurance industry just got a bailout – (Count 'em FIFTEEN industry bailouts between 1970 & 2009) will it be more or less than the previous $700 billion afforded the banking industry? And no one is any wiser……….almost.  So they are all talking in DC “the voters need to trust us”     HUH?


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