Hearing Impairments Among Seniors

Nearly one out of three seniors between age 65 to 74 have some kind of hearing problems, and about half of all who are above the age of 85 have hearing loss according to Medicine Net.  In mild cases, hearing problems might not need much attention, but if you or your loved one is having trouble hearing the phone ring, finding it difficult to converse with others, or turning the volume on devices so high that it distracts others.  

Sometimes regular physicians can make the diagnosis, but if the doctors have determined that there is a need to see a specialist in order to better diagnose, then they will refer them to you.  From there, they can refer you to the best treatment, hearing aids, etc.

Whether it is hearing trouble, or any other senior ailments and health conditions, A-1 Home Care has the caregiver to provide assistance to your elderly loved ones.  Since 1991, our company has been providing quality caregivers for clients all over Los Angeles and Orange County.  Each caregiver is CPR certified, TB tested, and have a clean criminal background, so you can have a peace of mind when our caregivers are taking care of your loved ones.

To begin service please call 818-980-0094 today, or visit www.calabasasinhomecare.com for more information.  Also, find us on www.facebook.com/a1homecareagency .


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