Which Restaurants Are Open on Christmas Day?

If you're not super picky, you can certainly find places to eat on Christmas Day 2013.

A list of where to eat on Christmas Day 2013.
A list of where to eat on Christmas Day 2013.

By Kari Hulac

If you don't celebrate Christmas or maybe you have to work and can't get home in time for a family dinner, there are a few options for eating out on Christmas Day, but it most likely will be at a chain restaurant rather than your favorite hometown eatery.

One thing to note is that many chains running as franchises leave the decision to open or close up to the individual franchisee. So if you get a hankering for McDonald's or Subway on Wednesday, just call your nearest location to find out whether it's open.

Here are some that are expected to be open Dec. 25th:

7-Eleven: While we don't recommend this spot for the three-star dining, we do enjoy a Big Gulp any day of the year. Most stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will remain open on Christmas.

Denny’s: Denny's will be open nationwide on Christmas Day. Can you say Grand Slam?

IHOP: Many locations will open on Christmas Day. Mmmm, cheese omelette.

McDonald’s: Many locations will be open on Christmas Day. Large fries to go.

Starbucks: Many locations will be open on Christmas Day. This is good news for sure, as coffee is necessary after your kids get you up at 4 a.m.

Subway: Many locations will be open on Christmas. A healthier option, at least.

Jack in the Box:  Open, though may not be 24 hours. An Egg Nog shake sounds good about right now.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Likely many locations open. Advice: Do not touch your eye after eating a hot wing.

Burger King: Likely most locations open. Get the funny hat.

Panda Express: Likely open with limited hours. A nice change from all the holiday party fare.

Sizzler: Select locations open. 'Nuff said.

Read more about restaurants open on Christmas Day 2013 here.

Jean December 26, 2013 at 10:32 PM
Okay, this article was so stupid! The fact that you even list half of these places as RESTAURANTS is incredulous ! "Hey honey, I need to get gas, so why don't you come with me and we will get gas and dinner at the 7-Eleven/Gas Station on Las Virgenes? If not that we can fine dine at McDonalds, jack in the Box or Subway. If that doesn't suit your fancy we can go into Agoura to the Burger King on Roadside. You name it honey or maybe we can find a Von's that is open and fine at Panda Express ? You name it honey, nothing's too good for you!" Really Patch? Really??? This is exactly why you are a totally irrelevant news source.


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