Food Revolution Inspires Kids to Eat Healthy

Youngsters roam the Calabasas Farmers Market on Saturday tasting fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers.

Kids browsed the Calabasas Farmers Market Saturday sampling fresh fruits and veggies from vendors during the first ever Food Revolution Day.

The event, created by healthy food enthusiast Jamie Oliver, took place across the country and was aimed at exposing children to more natural foods.

Youngsters were provided with reusable bags and set loose on the farmers market.

“It empowers them to try something new,” said Kim Gerber, a Patch blogger and one of the event organizers. “If they’ve never had a carrot before, they’re more likely to try it.”

Jacob Tantleff of Westlake Village was one the kids that tried offerings from farmers market vendors.

“Everything’s yummy,” he said.

Various stations were also set up to teach kids healthy recipes.

Sisters Skylar and Taylar Takac of Woodland Hills planted their own basil at one of the stations.

“It’s an incredible to get kids to experience new foods and be healthy,” said their mother, Tiffany Takac.

Mary Solis, a mother of a student, also helped organize the event.

Check out the photo gallery for more coverage of Food Revolution Day.



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