The Solution for Hyperpigmentation!

Hyperpigmentation, has always been common and cosmetically displeasing. Common names for these imperfections are Melasma, pregnancy mask, age associated spots, sun exposure spots, post procedure increased pigmentation seen with darker toned skin and OVERGROWN natural freckles. Although certain treatments like creams and chemical peels can temporarily reduce the appearance these treatments need to be repeated on a daily or regular basis in order to maintain the results, and the results are usually not to our complete satisfaction. There is a more permanent solution for most people that suffer with these skin imperfections and Dr. Bahari has the solution: A Depigmentation Treatment that is administered at his office and is specifically designed to target these pigment problems. The treatment is not a harsh chemical peel or laser. It is a mask with medicated active ingredients that penetrates deep within the skin layers. Application is painless & non-invasive with downtime that is practically diminished. There is virtually no risk of skin burns or other complications, as possible with chemical peels and the treatment is safe for all skin tones. The results achieved after one treatment and a preset touch up is a beautiful, vibrant, brightened complexion free of displeasing dark spots. Patients are astounded when they begin to see the results! We encourage you to take the first step towards beautiful skin: Call our office @ 818-887-2787 today for more information and to book your consultation. This Depigmentation Treatment is the answer you have been looking for and you can be among the many patients Dr. Bahari has already treated. We would hate to see anyone miss another day without beautiful skin. AFFINITY Cosmetic & Laser Center 20829 Ventura Blvd Woodland Hills, CA 91364 www.AffinityMedSpaLA.com 818-887-2787


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