Candidate Forum 2/25/14 30th Congressional District

Meet the Republican Congressional Candidates
Meet the Republican Congressional Candidates
An open forum featuring the Republican Candidates for the 30th Congressional District will be held at 6:30pm on Tuesday February 25th at the West Hills IHOP. 22810 Vanowen Street.

The members of the 45th Assembly District County Central Committee of the Los Angeles Country Republican Party are making this event available to the public. The 30th Congressional district includes the 45th Assembly District. 

Two Republican Candidates are running for this Congressional seat which largely covers the West San Fernando Valley. 
The incumbent, Congressman Brad Sherman, was first elected 16 years ago. He has supported fiscal IRresponsibility, an UNbalanced budget, and publicly admitted to NOT reading bills before voting.   

The West San Fernando Valley has a new demographic "working families".  Most families and households spend increasingly more time working to pay off the every increasing taxes and interest on the National Debt.  The number of well-paying jobs available to meet the education and skills of residents in the District is grossly disproportionate due to expensive regulations imposed on businesses in California. 

The candidates,  Mark Reed and Pablo Kleinman, are well versed on the issues and promise to each give Congressman Brad Sherman a hearty challenge at the polls in June.


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